Studio RAD projects are intimate collaborations with our clients. In addition to the finished product, the client experience is a huge part of how we measure our success. They are the best messengers to tell you about the Studio RAD design experience. Take a look below  at how the  experience was from their perspective. 

Studio RAD 903 St Lusson - Shiras Hills_2 Final (1).jpg


                                                                                                                                                                      " . . . One of the highlights of our experience was how they were able to translate what we

communicated in ways that were unexpected and challenged what we thought was

possible with our space with exciting results. They laid out a schedule and met every

deadline. They communicated often and were very well prepared for all of our meetings.

They met with all the key players of our project to ensure everyone was on the same page and    

provided ideas and sourcing information for certain products. These elements make a big difference

when you are new to an area. . . . "


Hi Efficiency home

". . . Joe and Joy’s unmatched skill and experience helped us to produce a vision for sustainable

design. We wanted to build a home that was energy efficient, environmentally responsible,

affordable, and cozy. A place that would function throughout different stages of our lives—from

raising our daughter, supporting aging parents, and growing old ourselves. . . . Joe and Joy’s hard

work and clear, creative thinking has helped to produce a home that will be as good on the planet

as it is on our pocketbook. "



" We love that their design maintains the structural and historical integrity of  the barn while also

modernizing the space to be functional and fun. . . . Their impeccable taste also helped us with the

daunting task of choosing fixtures and finishes. Everyone who has seen the barn remarks how beautiful it

is and we owe that all to Studio RAD. 


Lakehouse Renovation and addition

" Joe and Joy inspired us with confidence right from the start. They listened attentively to what we loved

about the place and our hopes for its improvement. Then they crafted a beautiful design, sensitive to the

integrity of the structure and the ethos of its location . . .  The new melds seamlessly with the old, while

enhancing it not just in functionality but in beauty.